Termite Baiting System

Let Us Help You Put an End to the Termite Infestation

Is your home or office infested by termites? Don’t worry! Reach out to the skilled professionals at Arsenal Pest Management straightaway! The “Bomb Squad” will help you get rid of the infestation by using our proven termite baiting system.

Let Us Walk You Through Our Termite Baiting Process


A member of The “Bomb Squad” will inspect your home for evidence of a termite infestation, potential conducive conditions, and high risk areas around/near the structure.

Plan & Installation

A member of The “Bomb Squad” will build a plan for your needs. Once accepted, our team will prepare for the installation of your new termite baiting system. The stations will be placed around your structure in a manor to protect you from our unwanted guest. The in-ground stations have a visible service cover that will allow you to see the number of stations protecting your biggest investment.


Your termite baiting system is inspected on a quarterly basis. As termites are located in the termite baiting system, an Insect growth regulator (IGR) bait is then added to the termite baiting system. The termite baiting system bait is more palatable to the worker termites than wood itself. So as the workers continually and randomly forage for food, they locate the termite baiting system, once the system is active and baited, the feeding begins. The termite baiting system bait contains the IGR which upon ingestion, prevents the termites from maturing through molting. This intern prevents the colony from growing and maintaining itself.


Once the worker termites are affected by the termite baiting system bait and begin to no longer molt, the process has begun. As the workers die off and there are no more workers to take care of the soldiers and the reproductives, the colony begins to fail. Soon you have a total colony elimination.

Continued Protection

The termite baiting system and ongoing service from The “Bomb Squad” will continue to protect your property from new infestations that may move into your neighborhood 24/7 365.

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